Dancemobile offers different types of workshops for day cares and schools. Please check with a Dancemobile representative for pricing before making any payments below. If you are one of Dancemobile's regular schools, you may wait until the day of the workshop to make payment by check or through the web site. If you are a new school to Dancemobile, after a day and time are decided upon for your workshop, a deposit must be made to reserve your chosen date by clicking on the deposit button below. The remainder of the balance can be made on the date of the workshop by clicking on the final payment button below. If a per student price was agreed upon with a Dancemobile representative, you may use the bottom button to make your payment. You may also pay Dancemobile directly through the email address in case you may have a different amount from the buttons or call 281-332-1020 to make payment over the phone.

The hour class can be divided into two half hour classes for two different age groups. It is possible to have an hour and a half time slot for three 30 minute classes, however, the minimum time for Dancemobile to come out would be a 1 hour time slot.


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