Please remember tuition payments are due before the first class of each month. Payments made after the first class is held are considered late. Those setting up automatic payments, please do so before the 10th of each month. There is a $3.00 late fee per class, unless prior arrangements have been made by contacting Dancemobile.


Submit your payment to Dancemobile safely through Paypal

You may pay through Paypal on either a month-to-month basis or set up a recurring charge by using a credit or debit card.

Sienna Montessori School

Monthly Payment

Auto Payment

Click on the button beneath your child's school or day care facility to pay monthly tuition or the summer workshop fee, depending on the time of year. You may also choose a subscription in which the payment will automatically be taken out monthly.                              Your private payment information is not seen by anyone associated with Dancemobile.

Registration Fee

Please enter your childrens' first and last names and Dancemobile school into the box. It only allows for 30 characters so if all of your children heave the same name, there is no need to repeat it. i.e.:James and Suzie Jones. Please enter the child's school or day care where he/she will be taking Dancemobile classes in the lower box. If the school has more than one location, please indicate which. You may abbreviate.

Due to the pandemic, no registration fees are being collected until August 2021.