I sometimes have children who cannot afford dance shoes. If you have gently used items that you would like to donate, please put them in a Ziplock bag with a note to donate and we will be happy to give them to a Dancemobile child who needs them. In return, if your child is in need of shoes and you are in a place where you cannot afford to buy any, please email Ms Roxanne so your child can benefit. This will be kept confidential.

We all know how quickly young children grow.  If your child has outgrown their dance shoes with minimal wear and you would like to sell them, please put each pair into a separate gallon sized zipper storage bag with your child's name, school where he/she takes Dancemobile classes, and the price wanted. If you do not see the Dancemobile instructor, please leave them in your child's dance bag or cubby or with their teacher and let us know. We can take them to classes to try on children. Once we find out who they fit, we will send a note home with that child to let the parent know we have found a pair that fit. The owner's information will remain anonymous.  Since Dancemobile instructors travel, this is the best way to remember all of the information and keep shoes in good shape and from getting lost..  Likewise, if you are looking for a gently worn pair of shoes, please fill out the form and include your child's size so a pair can be located for you. 

If dance shoes are not labeled with the information mentioned above, the shoes will be donated to a child in need.

Dancemobile does not make a profit from this service.  This is just another way Dancemobile provides a convenience to parents.


To sell, donate, or find a gently used pair of gently used dance shoes, please notify Dancemobile or your child's dance instructor.

Shoe Recycling Club