Dancemobile visits day cares, Montessori, private and charter schools once a week from September through May. A parent observation day is held in December and a costumed recital is held during one of the May classes.  Parents enroll their children and pay monthly tuition.  Payments can easily be made on the web site or by phone. Dancemobile takes care of the billing. A minimum of 5 children is needed for a class to form.


Monthly classes from June-August are available as well as 6 week workshops which begin around the second week of June.  As in the school year program parents enroll their children and will pay monthly or pay a one time fee for the entire workshop.  Payments can be made on the web site or by phone.  A minimum of 5 children is recommended.



It is possible to choose any class style.  This is a good way to find out how many students are interested in dance and which style would be the best.  This is a great activity for a day care to schedule every once in a while on holidays or during the summer, or even once a week as a physical activity alternative.  Some day cares like to schedule our classes on a regular basis and include the price in the activity fees collected.        There is a minimum number of 10 students needed.  If there are more than 15 children included, a second workshop is needed and may immediately follow the first class unless staff members are present to help supervise. Student ratios may vary due to state and CDC policies.  The day care or school will be invoiced for the workshop on the day the class is held and will be responsible for all fees.  It is up to the director to collect from the parents ahead of time or fund the workshop through the school.


Need a choreographer for your musical or competition solo?  Would you like to add movement to your choir's program? Need to learn a first dance for your wedding?  Contact Dancemobile.  The price for choreography including notes varies. Please check with Dancemobile for details. Daily or weekly times can be scheduled according to availability.  If you do not have an appropriate space available, a studio can be used. Depending on the location, a rental fee may be charged and might vary in price. On line instruction is also available.

Please call or email for pricing, availability, and more information



Too shy to learn to dance in a class with others? Does your child need extra lessons to nail that triple pirouette for the upcoming competition? Would you like to learn a basic waltz for your father/daughter dance? Want to learn how to Two Step to go out and meet someone new? Private lessons might be right for you. In home, studio and on line lessons are available for one student, a couple, or a private group.


Studio classes are now available. Check with Dancemobile for more information on location and times.