If you have already spoken with a Dancemobile representative to book your party date and time, you may click on the party payment button below. Fees are based on the type of gathering, age group, and the amount of people attending and are due at the time of booking for the minimum amount. At the event, if the amount of guests or time is more, there will be a  remainding balance due before the Dancemobile instructor leaves the event location and must be paid by cash or debit/credit on line or in person. We are excited that you have included Dancemobile to make your party even more fun!


Submit your payment to Dancemobile safely through Paypal

Auto Payment

Children's Party Payment - minimum of 10 children with a 30 minute class.

$100 party payment

If your party had more than 10 guests, deduct your $100 payment and then use the drop down arrow to choose the remainder of the payment to be made. For ex: if your party had 15 guests, after the $100 payment iis deducted, your final payment would be $50. You would choose 5 children in order to pay the balance of $50.

 Event Dance - 10 or more in attendance with 1 hr class.

Since a party payment holds the time and date agreed upon, fees are non-refundable unless cancelled or postponed at least one week in advance. Please contact Dancemobile for any questions prior to booking. 

$200 party payment